Dead Rise & Tumble Home

for Solent Peoples Theatre 1996

“A compelling new play” The News, Portsmouth ; “ excellent script” Bordon Herald

Dead Rise is the story of William Osborne, a Royal Navy captain, his sister Rose, and Joseph, an African slave whom William claims to have saved from shipwreck. William returns crippled to his home in Portsmouth. The play charts his growing dependence upon Joseph, and Joseph’s complex relationship with Rose

Written by Phelim Rowland

Directed by Mollie Guilfoyle

Designed by Carla Eve Amie

Farimang Singhateh as Joseph

Caroline Parker as Rose 

Alan Smith as William

Music by Frances Lynch

“I watch him for a long time, until he is silent and stares brooding at the water. When I push him forward, he says nothing, tumbles down into the dock. A splash, the ripples settle and it’s quiet again. Come from water, home to water. I weep for the old man and all the sea’s dead, all the dead of battles, shipwreck, fire and disease, all the men and boys who sleep with fishes and drift and tumble and rise again on the world’s tides.”

Dead Rise & Tumble Home was the first play in the Heaven’s Light trilogy. It was adapted for Radio 4 as Hush, and translated into German for Westdeutscherundfunk as Still.