A Cup of Water & Evening Star

Solent People’s Theatre, 1998

Directed by Mollie Guilfoyle

Designed by Carla Eve Amie

Theresa – Nita Gale

Girl/Star – Katy Lown

Frank – Michael Scanlon

A Cup of Water and Evening Star was commissioned by SPT as part of a major project working with homeless communities in Portsmouth and Southampton. Over three years, the company worked with participants who had experience of homelessness. Many were women with young children, contradicting the stereotype of the homeless individual as a raggedy man with a dog on a bit of string. From their stories and experiences, A Cup of Water and Evening Star emerged as a tale about dislocation, relocation and the making of temporary families, a handful of individuals united for a brief while until some other crisis sends them spinning apart.

The play became the basis for a new work, Scattering of Lights, for BBC Radio 3’s The Wire series.

Katy Lown as Star, Michael Scanlon as Frank

Liam filled the room, filled me. And he made me laugh. I used to watch him when I worked in the pub. I hated the place, but every night he’d watch me and smile. And one night he walked in and put a fluffy toy on the bar. Held a Swiss Army knife against its throat and said, “Love me or the teddy bear gets it.” You have to love someone if they do that, don’t you?